Caregiver’s Meeting -October 2018

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Topic:Relaxation  Techniques for the Caregivers

Facilitator: Ms Saadiya Hurzuk, Psychologist at ARDSI Hyderabad

Guest Speaker: Divya Raj

Date: 27th October 2018

Place: Asha hospital, Banjara hills, Hyderabad

Time: 11:30 am-1:15 pm

  • The session was attended by an audience of a total 23 people, which was a mix group of dementia caregivers and ARDSI Hyderabad volunteers
  • The session was opened by Ms Saadiya who gave a introduction about care giving and the stress related to care giving and as well prevalence of stress in every individuals lives and the need and importance of the practice of relaxation techniques for better well-being.
  • Ms R spoke about her experience as a caregiver and the stress related to it. She shared her method of relaxation practiced and how it helps her on regular basis
  • Mr K shared his experience as a caregiver and how stressful it turns out to play the role of the caregiver. He expressed his interest to know about the various relaxation techniques that can be helpful.
  • Ms Divya Raj, clinical psychologist, Asha hospital, spoke about how the body mind and emotions gets effected by stress. The ways on how to work on to the body to get away with the stress with the help relaxation techniques was also explained
  • Ms Divya in her talk gave a brief introduction of the progressive muscle relaxation technique and demonstrated with the participants’ involvement for a better understanding and to explain the effects of the therapy
  • Further Ms Divya talked about mindfulness technique in which she expressed how a human brain is compared to a monkey and humans to a goblet. the advantages of practicing mindfulness were explained.
  • The talk ended with a five minutes’ mindfulness practice session for the participants following the instruction given by her.
  • Ms Saadiya Hurzuk presented on other relaxation techniques. She explained the importance of art therapy in stress management.
  • The participants were engaged in 10 minutes colouring session as to demonstrate the affect of art therapy.
  • Ms Saadiya then spoke about aroma therapy and how various natural ingredients can be useful. Hydro therapy and Sensory stimulation therapy with relevant examples were also explained.
  • The sensory stimulation cushion was introduced to the participants and was given across to get a feel of the sensory technique.
  • The laughter therapy technique to cope with stress was explained then by Ms Saadiya and a video was played to explain the importance of laughter therapy.
  • Later the participants were involved in a five minutes’ laughter therapy session facilitated by Ms Saadiya.
  • The participants shared their inputs, experiences and queries. The session ended with an open discussion with Ms Saadiya addressing their queries. The participants appreciated and expressed their interest in attending further similar sessions.

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