Early Signs of Dementia

  • Memory loss (forgets appointments, cannot recall recent events or conversations)
  • Disorientation (gets confused in unfamiliar places, does not know the time of the year, couldn't find his/her way home)
  • Difficulty in speaking (forgets the name of simple, well known objects, uses inappropriate words, repeats words and statements)
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and personal activities, avoids activities he/she used to enjoy
  • Difficulty in recognizing friends, co-workers or family members (forgets who are grandchildren, thinks friends are strangers)
  • Difficulty in performing complex tasks (keep cheque book, count money, use the telephone)
  • Troublesome behaviour (socially inappropriate behaviour, going out in the night, aggressiveness)
  • Poor personal hygiene (forgets to brush teeth, dresses slowly or in inappropriate clothing, forgets to take bath)