Comparitive Examples



Forgets  ( forgetting ) relative's name

Confuses ( confusing )  own room & road

Forgets keys, wallet

Puts glass not in sink but in fridge

Forgets date, knows day, night

Confuses his room day & night

Confuses money change

Does not recognize money

Understands a proverb

Cannot interpret a proverb

Identifies carrot from radish

Eg : Cannot identify rose from tulip ( difficulty in identifying and differentiating )

Pays more for merchandise

Eg : Wears sweater in June ( odd habits )

Forgets to check the mail

Unable to brush teeth or salute flag

Speak slowly but meaningfully

Speak un meaningfully ( gibberish ), use inappropriate words

Recognizes object and face but not name

Does not recognize objects/faces

Does not work due to fatigue

Does not work due to lack of interest

Extra care in a task

Suspicious/paranoid on an issue

Sad for valid reason

Rapid mood swings