February Caregivers Meeting

"Understanding and Responding to Behaviour of persons with dementia" by
Dr. Chandrasekhar, Vice-President ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan, and Psychiatrist,
Asha Hospitals 

Rukhsana updated those present regarding what progress ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan has made in the last few months. Pamphlets were distributed. Mrs. Saroja spoke about her experiences with her late husband. It was very heartening to note that she had been doing a lot of activities (and much more) that we suggest to most of our patients.

Dr. Chandrashekhar then gave his talk about what changes can be expected following the onset of Dementia. He spoke about inability to follow social conventions, decreased social interactions, personality changes, communication problems, repetitive behaviour. He also gave some insights into how to deal with some behaviours stating that if the behaviour is not harmful to the patient and others, then there is no need to stop the person. The behaviour may be embarrassing to us rather than to the patient. He also said that one should try and find out why the person is exhibiting the behaviours.

Some of the members discussed their problems. They were given tips as to how to deal with these problems and why those problems may be occurring. They were also reassured when other members shared their experiences and told them how they dealt with similar issues. The attendees were told that a home visit would be scheduled soon. Overall, it was a very interactive meeting with active participation from all attendees.