Nov Caregivers Meeting

The monthly caregivers' meeting was held on Saturday, 14thNovember, between 2 – 3 p.m, at Conference Hall, 1st Floor, Millenium Block, NIMS.

This month's topic was “Physiotherapy for persons with Dementia”. The audience of about 30 comprised family members, ARDSI volunteers and representatives from NIMS Physiotherapy dept.

Dr Naveen, from the Department of Physiotherapy , NIMS started with a video presentation of a person with Dementia to demonstrate gait and mobility issues faced in the disease. His excellent talk, delved in-depth into symptoms of dementia, the role of a physiotherapist in dementia care, interventions appropriate for the different stages, postural deviations and corrective exercises, gait training, toileting, bowel and bladder training.

The talk concluded with Dr. Naveen answering caregivers' queries ranging from shops stocking the assistive devices, exercises for different stages, when to commence physio etc. Several family members expressed their appreciation of their post-talk awareness of the necessary and integral role of physiotherapy in dementia care, early in the onset of the disease.