August Caregiver's meeting - 14 August, 2010

The monthly caregiver’s meeting was held on Saturday, 14th August,
between 2 – 3 p.m., at Conference hall, first floor, Millennium Block, NIMS.

This month’s topic was “Geriatric care for persons with Dementia”. The audience comprised family members and ARDSI volunteers.

Dr Y.S.Raju, Head of the division of Geriatrics, NIMS, started with the importance of care-giving. His excellent talk covered tips for communicating with Dementia persons, missing symptoms (like cardiac failure, Parkinsonism, Arthritis, Cataracts), handling trouble behaviour like wandering, agitation, repetitive speech, Paranoia and practical tips for managing incontinence, sleeplessness, bathing, and dressing.

The talk concluded with Dr Y.S.Raju and Dr Suvarna Alladi answering care-givers queries on issues like regular visits to doctor (how often should the patient visit their doctor?), impact of medicines on Dementia etc. The family members appreciated that the talk has been very informative including many of the practical tips for effective care-giving.