ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan speaks to counselors
at Hyderabad Academy of Psychology

On 13 August 2011, Dr. K Chandrashekar and Dr. Vani Rupela spoke to counselors and psychologists being trained/already trained at the Hyderabad Academy of Psychology (HAP), Maradpally as part of their continuing education program. There were around 25 participants despite the pouring rain. Dr. Chandrashekar spoke to the audience regarding dementia, some of the various symptoms observed in patients with dementia, behavioural problems and how to manage them. Dr. Rupela spoke to them about how communication is affected, activities that can be done with persons with dementia and about ARDSI, Hyderabad Deccan.

Participants were very enthusiastic and had numerous questions to both speakers. Many of them had personal experiences that they correlated with the talks and some also had worries about senior citizens in their home. It was a fruitful experience in reaching out to professionals that can be part of our vision in making a dementia-free society