General Public Awareness session was held at St. Francis College for Women on 16th August

A general public awareness session was held at St Francis College for Women on 16th August at 2.30 pm by ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan team as a precursor to the series of events for the World Alzheimers Month 2012 (September 2012). The session was taken by Dr Suvarna Alladi (President, ARDSI Hdyerabad Deccan) and Ms Rukhsana Ansari (Gen Secretary, ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan). The session was organized by the Dept of Psychology, St Francis College.

In attendance at the session were the Psychology department students and staff. The Psycon group representing the psychology department had prepared and put up posters for awareness session in the college.

The session commenced with a soulful prayer song sung by the choir. After the formal introduction of the speakers Dr Suvarna Alladi spoke at length about Memory, Dementia and its causes. She explained very aptly about the risk factors, age factors and genetic factors influencing memory loss and how memory can be improved. Dr Suvarna Alladi gave an overview of the function and role of the Memory Clinic at NIMS in the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders. She also spoke about the opportunities present for Psychology students to pursue higher studies in cognitive and neuro-psychology and the acute need to fill the market gap present for such professionals. Concluding her talk Dr Suvarna spoke about factors that can reduce the risk of developing Dementia like Mental and Physical exercises, Nutrition, Multilingualism, Antioxidants and control of vascular risk factors. She emphasized the dual and composite role of medical treatment and supportive care for personswith dementia. She also touched upon possible future breakthroughs in treatment including vaccination and immunotherapy and future drugs.

Dr Suvarna then handled a Q&A session.

Ms Ruksana Ansari gave a detailed insight on ARDSI Hyderabad and how it functions. She spoke about services that ARDSI provides to the patients like day care, home visits, care givers meetings, care givers training etc. She welcomed the St Fransic students for internship program with ARDSI for day care activities coordination as well as volunteering. She gave an open invitation to all of St Francis students for the upcoming memory walk, on September 16, in support of World Alzheimer's Day.

The session ended with a pleasant interaction between the ARDSI team, Professors and students of St Francis College.

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