Sloka (the Hyderabad Waldorf School) school students visit ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan Daycare Center

On 4th August 2012, Sloka School children volunteered at the ARDSI Hyderabad day care center. The visit was part of the social work/community service curriculum of grades 8- 10. There were 17 students, of classes 8-10, along with two teachers.They arrived at 11 am at the center and were given an introduction to ARDSI . This was followed by the school children introducing themselves.

The children were divided into 5 teams according the activities as decided , which were

1 Map Making
2 Gardening
3 Sanding and painting the memory box
4 Decorating the memory box
5 Interviewing the patients for memory box details.

The children were a great help, they executed all the work flawlessly and swiftly. The children finished the task assigned to them with all discipline and without any hassle. Of the 17 students, 4 students interviewed the patients inside the day care, while the rest did the activities outside the room in the premises in deference to patient schedules. The patients enjoyed the interviewing by the young kids and very happily answered all the questions. The presence of children was a very welcoming break for patients who looked forward to meet them again.

There was birth day celebration of a patient at the day care. The presence of Sloka students and their choir just made it a grand celebration by playing flute and singing for the birthday lady, which was very soothing and pleasant for all the patients and care givers present. There were refreshments for all, followed by day care group activities for patients in which the children participated along and had fun.

It was a wonderful experience having the kids and the teachers of Sloka school at Day care, and all of us look forward to the next visit.

Please find below the web-link to the photo album.