May Caregivers meeting: May 12 2012

  • The session began with Dr. Suvarna introducing herself to the caregivers. She then asked the caregivers to introduce themselves.
  • Ms. Rukhsana took the session forward and asked the caregivers to differentiate between the facts and myths about dementia. The caregivers were requested to carry the right message to the masses as representatives of ARDSI.
  • Effects of Alzheimer's and brain shrinkage, different types of dementia and the various reasons for memory loss were explained by Dr. Suvarna.
  • She emphasized on the fact that not all types of dementia are hereditary
    (eg: vascular dementia).
  • More than positive thinking, it is the necessary thinking that is needed while dealing with dementia patients.
  • In order to keep the rest of the brain cells active it is necessary that the patient is kept happy and active.
  • Dr. Suvarna said that there will be good news for Alzheimer's patients in the near future as the initial screening trials for an upcoming immune therapy have been successful.
  • She assured the caregivers that ARDSI would inform them if in case the screening trials are made in India.
  • The importance of being courteous and respectful towards the patients was stressed upon.
  • Dr. Suvarna and Rukhsana assured the families that dementia patients never forget the presence of the loved ones near them.
  • If the patient forgets the existing relationship with the caregiver, it is necessary that a new relation is made to re-engage with him/her.
  • The most important thing is to make the patient feel needed and loved.
  • While sharing their experiences many of the caregivers became very emotional.
    Dr. Suvarna and Rukhsana assured them that they will always have the support of ARDSI Hyd Deccan.
  • They asked the caregivers to not to lose hope and to have patience.
  • Dr. Suvarna concluded the session by emphasizing on the need to change the mindset of the people and to spread awareness about dementia.