Picnic for patients and their families at Sainikpuri Officers Club 22 Sep'12

Saturday, 22nd September '12 was a lovely morning with the sun behind the clouds and peaceful lush greenery at Sainikpuri Officer's Club, inviting the ARDSI dementia patients and caregiver's for the picnic.

With the ARDSI staff, volunteers and patients with their caregivers gathering at the club where the club members were already present the total count was 55, with the Bol Hyderabad (radio) team covering the event.

The opening was with the introduction of the President of Sainikpuri officer club Major General Gopal Rao, The vice President/chairman of the club Colonel K K Murthi and the joint secretary of ARDSI Hyderabad Ms Bala Tripura Sundhari, it was followed by small talks from them respectively where Ms Bala gave a brief introduction of Alzheimer's and ARDSI.

After the opening talks, soft drinks were served.

The crowd including the patients then started for small Memory walk around the club which was a green pathway with memory walk placards and Living Together theme alphabets, which was part of the picnic. The crowd was back in 25 minutes from the walk and there was photo session of the patients along with the Sainikpuri officer's club members.

The Bol Hyderabad team had done a good covering of the event by interviewing people throughout the picnic for their radio show.

After coming back to the sitting area where snacks were served with cake cutting by the patients and the chairman of the club.

There was a small awareness of dementia for the patients and caregivers by a homeopathy Collage Principal who was a club member, Dr Reddy which was very appreciated by the caregivers.

The game session stared at 11.45am where the club members also participated along the patients and their caregivers. The Game of Tambola went on for 45 minutes which was enjoyed by all and many patients won. There was music playing in the back ground which made it a jovial and entertaining environment.

The patient played games like lemon & spoon and ball games for an hour. Patients who won in the games were given small gifts and their spirit was really uplifted.

Lunch was served by 1.15pm which was liked by all.

The picnic was concluded with a small photo session of ARDSI staff and patients.

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