Caregiver's Meeting on "Understanding Behavior of Dementia Persons"

Date 12.6.13

Place: Day care centre, ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan.

Time: 11: 30 to 1:00 pm

The June month's caregiver session was taken by Dr Arindham Chakrabarty, Psychiatrist, Asha Hospital and the topic was "Understanding Behavior of Dementia Persons".

It was attended by a total of 23 which included the caregivers and volunteers from Premier health services. The talk started with introduction of behavioral problem in dementia persons including a detailed discussion on hallucinations and delusion in persons with Dementia, how the caregiver could control and manage the situation. Dr Chakrabarty provided some examples to how to divert the attention of patients. It was an interactive session and the caregivers shared their experinces and questions to the doctor.

The session also covered aspects of behavior such as Aggression and Restlessness in persons with dementia and how to deal with it. Dr Chakrabarty gave an overview of general behaviors associated with dementia, summing up with explanations of grinding teeth and sun downing.

The session was concluded with open discussion by the caregivers.