Sharing of Caregivers Experiences

The monthly caregiver's meeting was held on Saturday, 16th March, 2013 from
2.30P.M. – 4.00 P.M, at ARDSI Activity Centre (DAYCARE) Asha Hospital De Addiction Centre, Plot no 451, Road No.86, Jubilee Hills, Filmnager, Hyderabad.

This month's topic was "Sharing of Caregivers Experiences". The audience comprised of family members of the patients, ARDSI volunteers.

The session was coordinated and organized by ARDSI Staff who explained about the importance of sharing one's experiences. The Staff interacted with the family members, caregivers and volunteers encouraged them to share their experiences, problems, difficulties, and concerns.

While introducing themselves, the participants shared their personal experiences and the problems and difficulties facing with the patients.

Mr.Kotibabu (Project Manager, ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan) introduced the resource persons, Ms.Shobha Madhavarao and Ms.Preethi Bhanushali to the participants.
Mrs. Shobha, shared her experience as a caregiver whose husband (Late Madhavarao), a former Chief Engineer, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2002. After knowing and learning about the disease, she worked towards providing better care to her husband , which she eventually did for almost ten and half years.

Mrs.Preethi Bhanushali shared her experiences as a caregiver for her mother in-law. She emphasized that it is important to engage the patient in activities in which the patient is interested. She shared that her mother in-law enjoyed cooking and hence she made it a point to engaged her in cooking (Supervision is necessary).

Caregivers explained the behaviour problems of the patients such as unable to recognise the family members, getting irritated, showing anger, repetitive taking, and sleeplessness. Shouting, laughing etc….

While addressing the issues, resource persons explained that every Caregiver should have the quality of acceptance of the patient and their disease. They should know that there is no permanent cure for some type of dementias. And medicine can help to slow down the deterioration.

To avoid aggression/anger caregivers should not argue with patients to correct them. Try to divert their concentration in a smoother way while discussing with their favourite topic or showing their interested photo or play their favourite actor/devotional song..Etc.

And also patients should not be idle and its care givers should engage them with some or other activities which suits them and show their love and affection towards them.

Finally care givers should also take care themselves and stay physically and emotionally strong. As a care giver its hard to find time for themselves but it is also very important that they should take out the stress and strain by connecting with friends and other family members and sharing their experiences and responsibilities with other family members

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