Minutes of Caregivers Meeting – Montessori Approach in Dementia Care.

The monthly caregiver's meeting was held on Saturday, 12th January, 2013 between 2 – 4 p.m, at ARDSI Day care Activity center, Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills.

The topic for this month was "Montessori approach in Dementia care''. The audience comprised family members, ARDSI volunteers and Staff. The total number of audience was 10. The Speaker for the caregivers meeting was Ms Helen who is the Chief Directress at The Montessori Training and Research Centre, Hyderabad.

She presented the PowerPoint from which she explained the origin of Montessori approach and what is the Montessori approach. The main points she explained to caregivers are following

  • "Hands Feed the Mind" the montessori belief that the hands should be busy to satisfy the mind, other wise mind may react to idealness, may lead to behavior problem which can be difficult to handle. She emphasized on activities and work in smaller and simpler yet productive.
  • She explained the basic activities that are taught to children before they start talking, like eating, using washroom, sleeping. She gave example of kids and compared with dementia persons and how the same activities can be done with them.
  • She explained the Holistic – person centered approach for Dementia persons, which consists of spirituality, emotional needs, psychological needs, social/cultural & physical needs.
  • She explained the house chores and daily activity task in simple small steps that a dementia person can do, which the caregivers underestimate them to do. Like preparing and serving their own food under guidance, doing their own dishes, doing their laundry in some manner, cleaning and dusting the house, washing shower areas. She said it doesn't matter if they are not able to do the chores perfect but at least they will feel the independence and a sense of contributing to family which otherwise when not given opportunity makes them feel burden and dependent on family and caregivers.

The meeting concluded with questions and discussion. It was very informative for caregivers as well as Staff and volunteers.