Novartis Global Leaders- Field visit to ARDSI-Hyderabad Deccan

Session at ARDSIHyd Deccan activitycentre
Novartis delegates and members of ARDSI-Hyderabad Deccan team

On 8th September 2015, theglobal leadership team of Neuroscience Franchise constituting DrAlexandre Joyeux, Franchise Head – Neuroscience, Novartis Pharma, Switzerlandand Dr DenizSimsek, Associate Director, Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) – Neuroscience, Novartis Pharma, Switzerlandvisited the ARDSI-Hyderabad Deccan activity centre for a session with ARDSI- Hyderabad Deccan executive member DrJaydip Ray Chaudhuri and ARDSI- Hyderabad Deccan psychologists. They were accompanied by 6 local Novartis employees.
The meeting began with a brief overview of ARDSI- Hyderabad Deccanactivites by DrJaydip. He covered aspects such as the workings of the activity centre, cognitive assessments for patients, training sessions for caregivers, counseling sessions, memory screening camps and home visits for patients being conducted by ARDSI- Hyderabad Deccan psychologists and caregivers. The ARDSI-Hyderabad Deccan psychologists were able to give insights on the process of recruiting a patient and the dementia family unit starting with the kind of complaints commonly seen, neuropsychological tests done, counseling for the dementia family unit, initiating the person-centered care plan for the patient and enrolling them into the activity centre. Further DrJaydip spoke about research conducted in the area of dementia at the Memory Clinic, NIMS in liaison with ARDSI- Hyderabad Deccan.

The Novartis team raised several queries about the kinds of dementia seen, their prevalence; the kinds of neuropsychological tests done- samples of paper-pencil were shown to them while explaining which test helped to identify which areas of deficit; areas in which research had been conducted; working with caregivers and psychologists’ experiences; dementia care in the Indian perspective and what all it comprised.

The session concluded with many insights shared about the local and national perspective on dementia care and with tea and biscuits for refreshments.