Music therapy for people with dementia and caregivers

Topic: Music therapy for people with dementia and caregivers
Facilitator: Saadiya Hurzuk,
Guest Speaker: Nina Cherla, Musician based in UK, Master in Music Therapy at University of South Wales
Date: 22nd October 2016
Place: Zeba Bashiruddin Centre for Healthy aging, 8-2-332/5, road No. 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034
Time: 11:00 am -1:00 pm

  • The meeting commenced at 11:15 am and was attended by 40 people constituting caregivers, volunteers and daycare staff. Ms Saadiya welcomed the crowd and introduced Ms Nina Cherla, who is a Musician and has immense experience of music therapy with people with dementia.
  • Ms Nina addressed the crowd with a power point presentation where she spoke what music therapy is and how it is practiced with people with dementia. She emphasized on communication through music therapy with individuals with dementia.
  • Further on Ms Nina explained the outcomes and expectations of the therapy. She concluded her talk with a video of hers conducting the Music therapy with a dementia person.
  • After the presentation she distributed music instruments to the audience to play on their own as she lead the group with some known common songs. She made crowd participate in the music by playing the instruments that were handed to them.
  • After the music session the audience where encouraged to ask her questions related to dementia and Music therapy.
  • A common questions that many caregivers asked was how to implement music therapy in advance stages of dementia and what outcomes it can give. Ms Nina answered them with her own experiences and possible ways that the families could adapt in Severe dementia stage.
  • The meeting concluded with a tea break. After the tea break all the participants stayed over for group music session with Ms Nina.