Dementia awareness at Osmania Medical College - 23rd September, 2016

Topic: Overview of Dementia and ARDSI Daycare
Facilitator: Dr Chandrasekhar, Vice-president ARDSI Hyderabad, Managing Director Asha Hospital ; Ms Bala Tirupura Sundhari, Joint Secretary ARDSI Hyderabad 
Date: 23rd September, 2016
Place: Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad 
Time: 1:30 pm- 3.30 pm

  • As part of World Alzheimer's month events ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan ( ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan) conducted an awareness session in the Osmania General Hospital for the PG - General Medical students. 

  • It was attended by 32 PG - General Medical students and additionally by a team of senior doctors.

  • Dr. Shiva Prasad, Associate Professor of General Medicine, Osmania General Hospital chaired a session and invited Dr. Chandrashaker, Vice President ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan and Managing Director of Asha Hospitals to address the audience.

  • Addressing the attendees Dr. Chandrasekhar presented the prevalence demographics of Dementia population with the concept of 21st century Phenomenon of global Ageing. Further on he discussed the social and economical aspects of dementia and its effects on the family.

  • Further in his presentation Dr Chandrasekhar explained the medical students and professionals “What is dementia” and how it’s distinguished with normal Aging along with the warning signs of Dementia.

  • He portrayed the prevalence of Dementia in India and how the number is expected to increase in the coming years. Further he described the audience the progressive nature of the disease, possible ability and functional impairments, psychological and behaviour symptoms, pathology of dementia and its Neurochemical abnormalities.

  • There was an emphasis on Behavioural and psychological symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) and the possible pharmacological management of the symptoms. Concluding his talk he explained the Care management of Dementia and the holistic services provided by ARDSI. 

  • After the 1st session, Dr. Chandrashekhar called his colleague, Ms. Bala, Joint Secretary ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan spoke about ARDSI Daycare Centre and Other Services. She educated the attendees on the dire need of such support systems for people with dementia and their families also she mentioned how the organisation was founded back in 2008 by likeminded Caregivers and Doctors. Furtheron Ms Bala spoke about services provided by the ARDSI Hyderabad Daycare with a highlight on the cognitive stimulating activities, monthly caregivers support meetings and Neuropsychological assessments.

  • Further Ms Bala enlighted the audience regarding the home visits done by the ARDSI professionals for counselling and environment modification, educating the society and spreading awareness in order to make the surroundings dementia friendly.  Ms Bala concluded her talk with tips on how to spread dementia awareness followed by a question and answer session.

  • The presentation was concluded by a snack break over which the audience got an opportunity to interact with each other.

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