Inauguration of the Full-time Day Care Centre for People with Dementia on occasion of World Alzheimer's Day 2016

Chief Guests: Mrs. and Mr. Ansari, Dr. Chandrasekhar, Dr. Subhash Kaul, Mr. Saumil Mody,
Topic:Reminiscence and Fall prevention
Facilitators: Dr Nanda Kishore, Ms. Amulya Rajan, Ms. Bala Tripura Sundari,
Date: September 21, 2016
Place: ARDSI Hyderabad - Zeba Bashiruddin Centre for Healthy Ageing
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • The Activity Center &Day-Care was formally inaugurated on the occasion of World Alzheimer's Day, Sept. 21, 2016 by Mrs and Mr. Ansari whocut the ribbon and declared the Day-care centre open. This was followed by lighting of the traditional lamp by Dr K Chandrashekhar, Dr Subhash Kaul, Ms Bala, Ms Priti and Mr Rastogi.
  • The session was opened by Ms. Bala, Joint Secretary, ARDSI Hyd Deccan Chapter,by thanking the carer families, the doctors, partner organizations - Confederation of Voluntary Association (COVA), Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society (PR&PCS), Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Yashoda Hospitals, Asha Hospitals, all the current and former carers, volunteers, and staff of ARDSI for their commitment and partnership towards this cause. A special thanks was extended to EISAI Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd for generously sponsoring the inaugural event.
  • Dr.Chandrashekhar, Vice President ARDSI Hyd Deccan & Managing Director, Asha Hospitals, and Dr. Subhash Kaul, Dean and Head of Dept. Of Neurology, NIMS addressed the audience on the increasing number of Dementia cases being diagnosed and emphasized the need for day-care services being available across and beyond the city to cater to more families in need of such services.
  • Members of the activity centre joined the volunteers to cut a cake. The event was attended by about 60 people (families, volunteers, doctors, medical professionals, psychologists, senior citizens' forums representatives, COVA, Eisai, Gaman Physio Care team).
  • The inauguration was also attended by Mr. Saumil Mody, Vice President Commercial Operations, Eisai Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Mody appreciated the good work done by ARDSI Hyd team and extended his and Team Eaisai's support for all ARDSIHyd's future endeavors in dementia space.
  • The caregiver session around the WAM Theme "Remember ME" was facilitated by Ms Bala. In the "Reminiscence Session", current and past caregivers spoke about the journey with their loved ones, reminiscing togetherness and their experiences with ARDSI day-care Centre (Zeba Bashiruddin Centre for Healthy Ageing).
  • Ms. Amulya Rajan then presented a succinct session on the services provided by the Day Care Centre and the benefits involved in engaging persons with dementia in cognitively stimulating activities. She spoke about qualified professionals drawing-up a Person Centred Activity Plan at the day care centre. Following this, caregivers enquired about other related services.
  • The lunch was announced by 1:00 pm over which the participants got a chance to interact with each other over a typical Hyderabadi vegetarian meal.
  • After lunch Dr. Nanda Kishore, Chief Consultant & Managing Director, Gaman Physio Care presented an insightful session on "Fall Prevention in Elderly persons'', specific measures and care to be taken especially for persons with dementia at home, along with several examples and links to articles that may aid in fall prevention.
  • The day concluded with high tea and snacks at around 3.30pm. All the participants appreciated the session and the persons involved in this initiative.

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