CAREGIVER SESSION ON 'General Issues in Aging'

Topic: General Issues in Aging
Facilitator: Dr Vyasamoorthy
Date: 29th April 2017
Place: Zeba Bashiruddin Centre for Healthy Ageing- ARSDI-Hyderabad Deccan activity centre  
Time: 11.30 am-1 pm

  • The session was attended by an audience of a total 24 people, which was a mix group of dementia caregivers and dementia volunteers.

  • After the introduction, Dr Vyasmoorthy delivered his talk with highlighting the crucial categories of aging such as physical and mental health, accommodation, societal perception and financial issues.

  • He spoke regarding the lack of respect and dignity towards the elderly, emphasizing on the various names they are called by.

  • Further he spoke about Elder abuse in the society and the various mediums of it. He highlighted that how elders are neglected in family and society which eventually make them a target of emotional, physical, financial etc kinds of abuses. Dr Vyasamoorthy suggested that the senior citizens should speak against such incidents and voice it loudly for raising the awareness.

  • He emphasized on financial troubles such as signing bank cheques, online banking, ATM pins, poor savings with large expenses and low government pensions.

  • Further he discussed health issues and accommodation problems for elderly population. He further elaborated on how with ageing most people became susceptible to being easily cheated as elderly become to trusting and dependent with deterioration in their judgement abilities.

  • Dr Vyasamoorthy suggested that the older citizens should plan in advance regarding each and every aspect in order to reduce dependency on others.

  • He spoke at a length to break culture barriers and social stigma regarding aging. He suggested some solutions for elderly like old age homes, remarriage, less dependency on family etc. He gave various examples from developed countries where people do not carry societal issues for aging and lives freely as per their own wish.

  • The talk ended with an open discussion with caregivers, where the audience got opportunity voice their concerns on Aging.

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