Dementia sensitization at TATA Trust team

Speakers: MsBala Tripura Sundari, Joint secretary, MsSaadiyaHurzuk, Centre manager and psychologist
Date: 30th August 2018
Place: TATA Trust, Nampally, Hyderabad.
Time: 10 am - 1 pm

  • An event was conducted at TATA trust to sensitize their team for their project which is to provide telecom response system to elderly. The event was part of induction training for the project team. There were 18 participants belonging from varied groups such as team coordinators, masters in social work graduates and trained professional in the field of supportive care.
  • An introductory talk was delivered by MsBalaTirupraSundari, Joint secretary ARDSI Hyderabad.  She focused on the prevalence of dementia in Telangana and she introduced the crowd to dementia care management and family caregivers.
  • A presentation  was delivered by MsSaadiya on “What is dementia” which mainly focused on the understanding dementia, differentiating between normal aging and Dementia. She highlighted on the difficulties faced by family caregivers and possible challenges for which they will be reaching out to the help line. Further she addressed to the questions raised by participants regarding the call queries from the aging group relating to dementia.
  •  Before concluding the session another session was planned along with a visit to the ARDSI day-care centre for a better understanding on dementia as interest expressed by the TATA trust team members.
  • There was initiation of discussion with the TATA trust team for the collaboration with ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan Chapter over the Response system for aging group project started by TATA trust group.