Topic: Dementia awareness session
Facilitator: Mr. Jagannnath
Speakers: Dr. O Jyothi, Consultant psychiatrist , Asha Hospital,Ms. AtiyaZareen , Psychologist , ARDSI Hyderabad and MsBala Tripura Sundari, Trustee ARDSI Hyderabad.
Date: 18th April, 2019
Place: saketpranam
Time: 05:00 P.M - 7:30 P.M

  • The program commenced at 05:00 PM   and was attended by 50 individuals. 
  • The program was facilitated by Mr. Jagannath and the session started with an introduction of the speakers for the day.
  • Dr. O Jyothi, Consultant psychiatrist , Asha Hospital, gave a talk on Dementia and its Diagnosis. She spoke about the various types of Dementia, how they affect the brain and the individual as well as the respective diagnostic methods.
  • Ms. AtiyaZareen , Psychologist , ARDSI Hyderabad, spoke about the care giving and psychological approach towards reducing the risk of dementia. 
  • This was followed by a  question-answer session followed where many participants asked questions about Dementia, care-giving, healthy aging.
  • The participants also asked questions related to the various methods adopted to reduce the risk of dementia.
  • The session ended with  a vote of thanks by Jaganath.