Posted by: Atiya Zareen 2 Post Date: October 2, 2018

Topic: World Alzheimer’s Day Awareness Program-Purple Run

Facilitator:  Forum groups

Date: 30th September 2018

Place: Forum mall, kukatpally

Time: 05:00am to 9:00am

  •  ARDSI-Hyderabad deccan in association with Forum groups participated as one of the partners in a Purple Run for Alzheimer’s.
  • The run was being conducted across 5 cities and 4 malls and in Hyderabad was being held at Gachibowli, along designated routes. It had four categories of 3km, 5km, 10km and 21km. More than 1600 people of all age groups registered and participated in this marathon.
  • The event commenced at 5.30 am with a Zumba warm-up session where two trained Zumba instructors guided the participants in performing several zumba movies to loud, foot-tapping music.
  • Around 6.00am the marathon event started with the participants of the 21km run given a flag-off.This was followed by a flag-off for the 10km and the 5km and 3km.
  • The event was attended by ARDSI-Hyderabad Deccan members Mr Shashidhar K, Ms. Bala Tripura Sundari and Ms Saadiya Hurzuk who also participated in the flag-offs and the prize-giving ceremony.
  • Ms Saadiya Hurzuk was interviewed and she spoke about the demographics, prevalence and dementia care services in India .She called for support as we are in dire need of more services and awareness.
  • Many people of Hyderabad, both young and old showed much enthusiasm by participating in the event which commenced at sunrise and went on till around 9.30am.
  • The marathons were followed by medal and breakfast distribution for all the participants and later a prize-giving ceremony.
  • Mr Shashidhar said a few words about dementia and its debilitating effect on society.
  • While prizes were given for people who came first, second and third in each category, the first prize for the 21km marathon was a whooping 50 thousand rupees.
  • The participants all left satisfied in having participated in a run for a very important cause, and having understood a bit more about Alzheimer’s disease dementia.

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