Daycare and Activity centre for persons with Dementia

ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan, by starting an Activity Center for people with dementia, has taken the first step towards its long-term goal of establishing a functional rehabilitation center. The daycare cum activity center for people with dementia is a landmark, being the first of its kind in the city.. It runs 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, 9 am -5:30 PM. At present we offer cognitive stimulation therapy, recreational, educational & group activities for people with dementia to retain and enhance their skills, increase their self-esteem and improve their quality of life.

In addition to medical treatment, Dementia care consists of functional rehabilitation based on appropriate interventions. We are working towards providing a comprehensive functional rehabilitation program, overseen by a multidisciplinary team comprising of, social workers, nurses, psychologists, and physiotherapists.

Awareness programs
ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan conducts lectures and seminars to raise the awareness of dementia at public forums such as senior citizens organizations, social clubs, corporate , colleges and schools. Brochures and pamphlets are distributed at these awareness meetings. ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan partners with AASARA-GHMC for bi-monthly awareness sessions at Senior Citizens forums in Hyderabad.

Memory Clinic
The Memory Clinic at ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan Chapter provides multidisciplinary care and expertise in assessment, diagnosis and management of persons with dementia. Services offered include medical support, diagnosis, treatment, counselling and speech therapy. Caregivers Meetings
A "Theme based" meeting for family caregivers, volunteers and healthcare professionals are conducted every month via hybrid mode i.e. in person at Daycare center and simultaneously via online platforms Covering various aspects of dementia care, these support group meetings are both informative and therapeutic, effectively extending the support network to family caregivers.

A 24 hr helpline for effective community outreach is provided. Caregivers WhatsApp group called ZBCHA Dementia support group is run by ARDSI Hyd to support and network with dementia care services, to know more or join please message on +91 9121106681

- - ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan, in collaboration with the memory clinic at NIMS, is conducting An epidemiological survey to study prevalence and incidence of dementia in urban and rural centers Research in communication interventions for a bi-lingual population

ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan has published caregivers manual, "What is Dementia ? " brochures and various other materials in English and local languages.

Training Programs
ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan conducts training programs for caregivers and healthcare professionals including induction training in dementia care and functional rehabilitation of persons with dementia. A Short-term training course is conducted for home attendants in practical aspects of dementia care, in collaboration with AASARA(GHMC), and the Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society, Hyderabad.

Home Visits
As part of the person-centered care approach, trained volunteers conduct home-visits, which include patient and caregiver interviews, education of family members to the nature and progression of disease, suggestions of environmental modifications and functional interventions to improve the quality of life of the patient and family.

Guidance and Counselling
Counseling is provided to care givers on regular basis. Caregivers are encouraged to discuss their experiences with staff and constructive advice is shared. Caregivers manuals and help sheets on several practical aspects of dementia care such hygiene, feeding, mobility, communication, activities are also provided. Other Activities include:

  • Memory Screening Camps
  • Observation of World Alzheimer's Day - September 21
  • National Consultative Meeting of Experts on the National Dementia Strategy