Treasure Trove

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1. Dedicated to our everyday heroes

The Hero

He parried every question that they hurled:
"What did the Emperor tell you?" "Not to push."
"What is the greatest wonder of the world?"
"The bare man Nothing in the Beggar's Bush."

Some muttered: "He is cagey for effect.
A hero owes a duty to his fame.
He looks too like a grocer for respect."
Soon they slipped back into his Christian name.

The only difference that could be seen
From those who'd never risked their lives at all
Was his delight in details and routine:

For he was always glad to mow the grass,
Pour liquids from large bottles into small,
Or look at clouds through bits of coloured glass.

- W.H. Auden

2. Painting by ZB, 76 yrs


3. Delightful Telugu song by SN mp3

4. Caregiver Saroja Subbaraman writes about her husband Mr. V. G. Subbaraman

5. Muggu Design by Mrs SB,  70 yrs 

6. Car Sketch by Dr B R, 67 yrs